Beekeeper Ambassador Program

For beekeepers, anywhere

Our beekeeper Ambassador Program is, first and foremost, a community of passionate pollinator educators. So many beekeepers we've met from all across the country already volunteer their own personal time, doing pro-bono outreach and education with schools and social clubs, all helping the public to better understand the critical importance and challenges facing both honeybees and native pollinators. 

BEEcosystem is building a platform to facilitate more connections between beekeepers and non-beekeepers, who are passionate about helping with pollinator protection. Our goal is to connect experienced beekeepers with BEEcosystem observation hive customers: beekeepers act as sideliners, maintaining BEEcosystem hives on their own terms, most typically for businesses or environmental education centers that host BEEcosystem hivesand Ambassadors can get paid for providing their knowledge and services.


Beekeepers have the skills and expertise to help service and maintain observation hives, and Ambassadors have the freedom to do so on their own schedule and on their own terms in the geographic areas where they already live and work as another way to further promote local pollinator health and issues awareness. Through Ambassador partnerships, many more types of businesses (like farm-to-table restaurants, eco-resorts, and vineyards) are able to become BEEcosystem hive customers, purchasing hives that support their own businesses' marketing efforts, as well as supporting their local ecosystem's honeybee genetic diversity and local community's overall education.

Our goal is to create a platform that will grow over time and involve more and more people in the practice of beekeeping, helping to put more new beehives in public and semi-public spaces, and engaging a new generation of potential future beekeepers.

If you are an experienced beekeeper and interested in joining the Ambassador network, simply fill out the form below and click submit! Feel free to reach out with any questions you have about the program. We look forward to you joining the BEEcosystem community!

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