Our Mission:

Our mission at BEEcosystem stems from our first venture together, GreenTowers and InteriorEcosystems, whose mission is to reconnect everyday consumers with the nature of food systems through living, breathing design that inspires individuals think differently about their relationships with the natural world and the human built environment. 

BEEcosystem is more than just an observation hive product—we're working to build a community, a "hive mind" of beekeepers who can support one another through sharing industry best-practices and educational outreach strategies.  If you're an experienced beekeeper interested in joining our network through helping setup or maintain BEEcosystem hives for businesses in your local community, we want to hear from you! By maintaining observation hives in eco hotels or resorts, farm-to-table restaurants, and environmental education centers, we can help to educate even more non-beekeepers about the critical importances and intricate lives of bees. 

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Join the BEEcosystem community

Honeybees are critical to our global food system as domesticated crop pollinators. However, honeybees today face many threats that contribute to Colony Collapse Disorder, including pressures from the globalized spread of pests as well as too often indiscriminate usage of pesticides.  BEEcosystem is a beehive designed to literally breathe new life into a human space, and our goal is to inspire meaningful conversations about the critical role that domesticated honeybees and other native pollinators play in both our agricultural and ecological systems.

By practicing beekeeping, you contribute to helping our pollinator allies: increasing your local honeybee genetic diversity and bringing awareness to this critically important issue in your local community.  

BEEcosystem is a hive small enough to be integrated into very nontraditional beekeeping spaces, but large enough to produce a raw cut comb honey harvest—that is, once the bees have stored up enough extra honey to share!  But BEEcosystem is not is an effortless honey-making machine—while beekeeping can be a modest pastime, it is a hobby that requires an investment in learning and practicing the art and science of beekeeping.  If you're a new beekeeper, we'll be here to help you learn, providing resources like how-to's and FAQs to help you learn the trade. But it is important that purchasing a BEEcosystem hive comes with a commitment to learning, because attempting to keep a hive without active management can contribute to the spreading of pests and diseases—consult your municipality, and make sure that you understand any beekeeping regulations that apply to your state and local jurisdictions.